Pool Cover Solutions

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Action Plan

Re: Action Plan during the Coronavirus / COVID-19

Due to the Coronavirus, we are taking certain precautions to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. If we are scheduled to provide you with sales, service or installation, please take a moment to read the following guidelines.

● Our employees have been instructed to minimize contact with people and surfaces throughout their workday.

● To help minimize contact, please remove floating objects from the pool and clear a 3’ perimeter around the pool of any furniture, decorations or toys.

● Please keep children and pets inside while we are there.

● Our employees will be applying isopropyl alcohol to surfaces that they must come into contact with (gates, door knobs, keyswitches, touchpads, etc.) upon arrival and departure from your property.

● Our employees will NOT be knocking on doors. We have instructed them to HONK 2 TIMES to let you know they’ve arrived.

● Out of mutual respect and safety, please maintain the recommended 6 foot minimum distance with our employees, as we have instructed them to do the same

● We will utilize phone calls and email to communicate whenever possible.

● If your only cover switch is in your house and you do not have a service switch, we will need to reschedule after the all clear has been given. We have instructed our employees not to go in any houses for any reason.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Pool Cover Solutions-SE, LLC