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Why automatic pool covers? The Lowcountry's Pool Cover Solution.

Based in Charleston, SC, our second-generation pool safety company is passionate about the benefits of automatic pool covers.  Locally owned and operated, brothers Kris and Jon Windmueller are the pool cover specialists when it comes to the installation, maintenance, and repairs of automatic pool covers, safety covers, seasonal mesh covers, and removable mesh fencing.  Both brothers have dedicated a lifetime to in-the-field experience and rigorous product knowledge research.  With over 20 years of specific industry knowledge, you’re in good hands with Pool Cover Solutions.

Whether you’re building a pool or remodeling an existing pool consider the benefits of covering your pool.  When homeowners build pools it is usually with fun and relaxation in mind.  Pools are a wonderful way to spend time with the ones you love and they certainly are a haven for relaxation.  With the many benefits of having a pool also comes the many responsibilities.  Sadly, drowning is still the number one cause of death in children under 4.  Most pool owners don’t see the pool as an extension of their home, but studies show that young children are attracted to clean pools of water and it only takes a short time for curiosity to turn into a potentially dangerous situation.  Automatic pool covers are safety covers.   With press of a button the pool owner decides who and when gets into the pool.  Think of the cover as a horizontal fence bringing you peace of mind.

Also consider the heating costs, time, and expense of pool maintenance.  Automatic pool covers, when in use, saves water and chemicals from evaporation.  The benefits for the Lowcountry pool owners are many!


Protect what matters. Automatic pool covers save time, money, and lives. Period.

Pool Cover Solutions, we’ve got you covered.

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