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When it comes to keeping kids safe, there is no substitution for adult supervision.  But no parent can be everywhere every minute.  Our removable fencing is a convenient, cost effective additional layer of protection to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool.


Removable Mesh Fencing Gallery


Pool Guard mesh fencing is affordable. Because it is made of mesh fabric, it is completely see through.  The mesh fence preserves views and offers 100% visibility to your pool. 

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What are other advantages of a pool fence?

Pool Guard mesh fencing opens up your yard and gives you a feeling of openness.  They are less obtrusive than other types of fencing thus giving you a feel of more space.

Pool Guard swimming pool safety fences are made with premium interlocking mesh.  The interlocking mesh is rip-proof, mildew-proof, fade and shrink-proof.

Pood Guard mesh fences comes with built-in  UV inhibitors. They are not sprayed or heat pressed.  The UV protecton is woven into the pool net material at the time of manufacture.

The mesh fencing system is removable.  Once you’re swimming pool  fence is not needed, you can easily remove it.

Pool Guard mesh fencing is safe and durable.

Don’t forget your pets!

Protecting your pets from drowning in your pool is just as important as protecting your children.  Our Pool Guard Pro fencing system can help keep your backyard safe for all members of your family.  Ask about our safety pet fences.  They come in 2ft or 3ft heights.



Our removable fencing meets all ASTM standards and exceeds the U.S. consumer product guidelines with a height of 4-1/2 feet, to better protect your children.

  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION with superior poly-coated open-weave mesh fabric
  • NEUTRAL BLACK SEE-THROUGH MESH doesn’t obstruct your view, and blends beautifully with any decor.
  • High Quality Black polyester bonded thread adds strength and stability.
  • Solid brass double ended latches with stainless steel spring loaded trigger mechanism will never rust or corrode.
  • SO EASY TO PUT UP AND TAKE DOWN, you’ll want to use it whenever you want an extra measure of protection for your young one.
  • Powder coating is standard on Pool Guard aluminum poles.
  • Matching, neutral-colored caps fit snugly into the deck sleeves when fence is removed.
  • So durable it comes with a 5 year pro-rated warranty

How it Works

Pool Guard mesh fence can be installed on any surface such as concrete, cool decking, pavers, tile, travertine, stone, grass, and dirt.  Installation requires the drilling of 1 1/8inch holes.  We then place a sleeve insert into the holes or if you are using footers through landscape, we place piping into the concrete to support the pool fence and keep the tension tight.  The holes in decking may be covered with color-coordinated plugs which are flush.

Pool Guard’s pool fence can be attached to homes, stucco, wood, fences, and block walls.  The mesh fence conforms to any shape, 90 degrees, free forms, and straight lines.  You may also attach the mesh fence to existing barrier walls; allowing a for an “L” or “U” shape.

SC Removable Mesh Pool Fence with latching gate (19) SC Removable Mesh Pool Fence with latching gate (18) SC Removable Mesh Pool Fence with latching gate (17)

Self Latching Gates for Pools-Safe, Durable, and Reliable.  Pool Cover Solutions strongly suggest having a self-latching mesh gate in conjunction with your removable mesh fencing. 

These pool gates are unique because a bottom bar is incorporated into the gate adding tremendous support to the pool gate frame.  Due to the fact that all removable pool fences are design to work on tension, it does not rely on the tension of the fence to stand up straight. The benefit to you is our swimming pool safety gates close and lock securely.

Pool Fence Gate Benefits:

  • Self-Closing and self-latching, which means after you come out of the pool and leave through the gate it will close and lock automatically behind you.
  • Super strong and durable gate design which absorbs the wear and tear of frequent use.
  • We use the high quality Magna Latch and Tru-close hinges
  • Safe and easy to use. Great for moms with young children
  • Rust proof aluminum frames




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    Short on deck space? This isn't a problem when you consider a mesh safety pool fence around your pool. Our mesh fencing opens up your yard and gives you a feeling of openness. The mesh fencing is safe and durable, and fun fact, the fencing system is removable. Once you're swimming pool fence is not needed, you can easily remove it. Sound promising? You bet! Check out more options at www.pcs-se.com ... See MoreSee Less
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