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Pool Safety Options-Removable Mesh Fencing

Pool Safety Options-Removable Mesh Fencing

Pool Safety Options-Removable Mesh Fencing.

It happens every day, we get that gleeful call that a baby is on the way or that grandchildren are coming to visit for the summer. That excitement of an ever-growing family or spending time with loved ones now focuses on preparation.  Much like baby proofing your home with electrical covers and covering sharp corners, prepping your pool for young children present must also be a consideration.  Wise parents-to be and care givers know the potential dangers of having a pool and it is all too important to make pool safety a priority.  

Pool Cover Solutions of the Lowcountry is happy to offer multiple safety options.  Based in Charleston, SC pool cover specialist Kris and Jon Windmueller are dedicated to providing safety pool products that meet the needs and expectations of pool owners.  

You may ask yourself, “which pool safety product is the best for me.” That answer has several factors including pool location, use expectations, and the budget for your pool project.  If you’ve decided that covering your pool with an automatic pool cover isn’t an option, then consider removable mesh fencing.  Our safety fences can be customized to fit any size pool and can be installed on nearly all deck surfaces including brick, dirt, seawalls, wood, tile, grass, and pavers.  PCS also offers and recommends self-latching gates.  These self-closing gates will swing shut and is key lockable.  The benefits of removable mesh fencing are not just limited to children, they also provide protection for the elderly and pets.  

As a mother, I cannot over state the peace of mind removable mesh fencing provided our family while on vacation.  In celebration of a family reunion, my brother rented a vacation home for all the families to stay under one roof.  The home was huge and beautiful!  While my eyes were going gah-gah looking at pictures online as to what would soon become our home away from home, my heart sank when I saw the vacation property had a pool.  At the time, our daughters were both under the age of 3.  The excitement of vacation waned in light of the potential dangerous of the pool.  In the pool safety business, you become all too familiar with scary statistics.  So now I am looking at this huge home with 4 sets of french doors opening onto the pool deck as 8 additional ways my two daughters could toddle their way into the pool.  Panic started to settle in… until I zoomed  a picture of the pool and there it was, the deck sleeve holes (they removed the fencing for the pictures)!  This pool had a removable mesh fence!!  I clapped my hands in delight and called the property management company to confirm that the pool had a removable safety fence.  Take it from this mother, there is nothing like enjoying the pool and the pool deck with your family knowing that your littles are protect from falling into the water as the older children enjoy the pool, the toddlers play  on the pool deck, and mommy soaks up some relaxation with all her favorite people.

Sounds dreamy doesn’t it?   Call us today and and let’s get started on your peace of mind.    www.poolcoversolutions.com


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