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For over 20 years, Kris and Jon have installed the best automatic pool covers, safety mesh covers, and removeable pool fencing. Proud to serve the Lowcountry and surrounding coastal areas. 

Month of April 

Featured Project – Removable pool fencing.

Tiny backyard fending solutions

Short on deck space?

This isn’t a problem when you consider a mesh safety pool fence around your pool. Our mesh fencing opens up your yard and gives you a feeling of openness. The mesh fencing is safe and durable, and fun fact, the fencing system is removable.  Once you’re swimming pool fence is not needed, you can easily remove it. Want to see more? 

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Featured Project – Bench Model Automatic Pool Cover


New pool owner?

Every day families move into their dream home.  What do you do when your dream home already has a pool but no pool cover and you have young children?  Check out our bench model automatic pool covers.  As with all our automatic pool covers, our bench model covers are safety covers too!  Instead of the mechanism being in a vault, the system is deck mounted.  The “bench” is used to conceal the cover (when not in use).  Thanks to these models, safety is all at a touch of a button. 

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