Pool Cover Solutions

Cover Ready Form

Cover Ready Form

Cover Ready Form

Job Address
Job Address
**Builder is responsible for notifying Pool Cover Solutions-SE of any date changes 48 hours prior to dates listed below**

Is there power to the pool equipment panel / breaker panel?
All accessories (water features) wired in, programmed with panel and operational?

Date the following electrical wiring requirements will be completed from our 5x7 Enclosure box terminating in 1/2 inch fittings on both ends:

  • 18/5 to the Switch from 5x7 box
  • 12/4 to the Motor from 5x7 box
  • 18/5 to the Motor from 5x7 box
  • 12/3 to the dedicated 20 amp GFCI Breaker from 5x7 box

Required upload size: 52.43MB

(Gate codes, commercial entry points, construction hours, specified parking, etc.)
  • I acknowledge that the items listed above will be completed by the date stated above in order for Pool Cover Solutions SE to complete their work as scheduled.
  • I understand if any of the above items are not ready as stated, PCS-SE will not be able to complete their work and the job will be rescheduled accordingly.
  • I agree to pay a Return Trip Fee of $500 for the day, before the work will be rescheduled.