Pool Cover Solutions

Top Track Recessed Lid Options

Standard Aluminum Lid

Powder-Coated Extrusions

Powder-Coating Swatch Sky White

Sky White

Powder-Coating Swatch Autumn White

Autumn White

Powder-Coating Swatch Almond


Powder-Coating Swatch Coffee Tan

Coffee Tan

Powder-Coating Swatch Camel


Powder-Coating Swatch ASA-70 Gray

ASA-70 Gray

Powder-Coating Swatch ASA-61 P Gray

ASA-61 P Gray

Powder-Coating Swatch Statuary Bronze

Statuary Bronze

Stepped Bezel Aluminum Lid

The stepped Bezel lid for Top Track Recessed Systems features step-on strength with a low-profile rise to accommodate the top track.  It also features beveled edges.  Pool owners can stay with the standard aluminum color or opt to have their lids powder-coated.  Powder-coating the lid, also referred to as Extrusions, is a great design feature to customize your bezel stepped lid.  Color options are Sky White, Autumn White, Almond, Coffee Tan, Camel, 70-Gray, 61-Gray, and Statuary Bronze.