Pool Cover Solutions

Nate Yokoyama -Jan 23, 2020

We had our cover installed a little over a year ago. Having a 4 year old daughter, safety was our main concern. The reduced pool maintenance was a plus. The cover keeps out the debris, keeps chemicals balanced and don’t have to add water due to evaporation. As far as safety is concerned, ours was put to the test. This may sound a like a hoax but is 100% TRUE. We live next to a horse pasture and one Sunday afternoon a horse (ex racing horse weighing over 1000lbs) got out from the pasture. The horse was running wildly at full speed on our property. It ran directly across our pool cover ! It lost its footing on and fell on top of the cover!! It righted itself up and ran off. Luckily the horse was unharmed. There was a tear about 10” long at the edge of the cover. No damage to the tracks or motor. Pool Cover Solutions were out that week to inspect our system and a replacement cover was installed. Their staff has been very responsive and highly recommend their product.